Turin – both the Shroud and Superman´s cape are safe here

Turin, in Italian Torino, is a city at the foot of Italian Alps in Piemonte region. It is known for being home town of FIAT company; it surely is remembered as the host of 2006 Winter Olympics; and – especially in the Christian world – it is the place where so called Shroud of Turin is preserved. Obviously, there are many more interesting things Turin can offer.

The astonishing concentration of Baroque buildings in Turin might be the reason why the city itself, somehow lacks the typical Italian look and with its broad boulevards reminds rather of Paris.

  • Basilica di Superga - a mayor attraction of Turin. This Baroque building is situated on the top of the hill and is surrounded by beautiful gardens.
  • Mole Antonelliana - Turin's landmark, built in 1888 to be a synagogue, today contains one of the finest cinema museums in Europe.
  • The Cathedral, where the controversial Shroud of Turin is stored.
  • Egyptian Museum houses the most important collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts outside Cairo.
  • Valentino Park, with a castle and medieval village.
  • Palazzo Madama, of Savoy family, baroque and medieval rooms.

Things to Do
Besides a stroll on Roma street, a trip outside Turin is advisable. Not only to Basilica di Superga. An excursion to the Alps would be another option; or to the surroundings where there are magnificent residences built  in 16th, 17th and 18th centuries to admire, especially Rivoli Castle and Stupinigi Hunting Pavillion  in Stupinigi Park.

Good accommodations are provided both in the city – a one like Grand Hotel Sitea or Golden Palace which was built for the Olympics - and in the scenic surroundings. B&B, hostels and middle-class hotels are also available.

Getting here and getting around
By air:
Turin is easily reached (by bus or taxi) from Sandro Pertini Airport (at 15 km distance from Turin) or from Malpensa airport. The trip by bas will take ca 2 hours.

Trains arrive to two main stations: Porta Nuova and Porta Susa. There are good motorways reaching the city.

Time zone: UTC (GMT)+1. Daytime saving time (DST) is observed.

Currency: Euro (EUR, €).

Climate: Humid subtropical climate. Hot summers; cold, dump winters.
Turin is an ancient site - the typical Roman street grid is still visible today. In the Middle Ages, after being conquered by the Lombards and later by the Franks, Turin fell under Duchy of Savoy´s rule, and was made its capital in 1563.

In the 19th century, after brief occupation by Napoleon, the city involved itself in pursuing a unification of Italy, and after succeeding, it became its capital in 1861 - only for few years though, the capital was soon moved to Florence, and briefly after that – to Rome. So Turin focused instead on rapid industrialisation. In the beginning of 20th century, both FIAT and Lancia established here. The population reached 430,000. And the city hosted twice the Universal Exposition.

After WWII, the already heavy industrialized Turin bloomed again, but after the crises in the 1980-ties, the population declined to under 1 million.





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